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These kits, purchased online, walk a buyer through how to use a 3D printer to make the crucial lower frame, or “lower,” of a firearm. Other parts like the  Ameican 3D Supply is a US 3D printer filament and accessories Read More The post Diane Dimond: In Age of 3D Printers, Ghost Guns Gotta Go appeared first on American 3D Supply. Related posts: ProX SLS 500 3D Printer features automated material handling module. Producing very smooth surfaces with high print resolution on thermoplastic… Voodoo Manufacturing s new-age robotic factory could be largest cluster of 3D printers ever 3D printing is often heralded as an efficient alternative to… New Industrial-Grade Desktop Filament Extruders As 3D printing technology continues to become more functional, accessible,… Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin.