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Metal parts are made by laser sintering, and plastic prototypes are made by inkjet or FDM processes. Plastic production parts could be next. Ameican 3D Supply is a US 3D printer filament and accessories supplier devoted to improving 3D printing Read More The post Artificial Joints Make Strides with 3D Printing appeared first on American 3D Supply. Related posts: ProX SLS 500 3D Printer features automated material handling module. Producing very smooth surfaces with high print resolution on thermoplastic… 3D-printing pen adjustments containers in addition to bags right into sculptures along with spacecrafs 3D-printing pens change plastic filaments right into a gel that… 3D-printing pen turns bottles and bags into statues and spaceships 3D-printing pens change plastic filaments into a gel that hardens… Related posts brought to you by Yet Another Related Posts Plugin.